From San Juan or Isla Verde:

Take Route # 26 to # 66 going east ($1.50 toll booth charge) for approximately
12 miles. At the end of # 66, you will pass a Shopping Center (Belzs Factory) on
your right, turn right at the intersection, continuing east on highway # 3. Proceed
for 15 miles until you begin to approach the municipality of Fajardo. Look for a
Mc Donald's on your left and a large shopping center on the right (Fajardo Plaza)
and turn left at the traffic light onto Rd. 194. Go straight for 1.2 miles. Turn left into
"El Conquistador Avenue" after passing the Burger King on your left.  Follow the
road for 0.8 miles and turn right on the "small white church" to stay on
"El Conquistador Avenue" ( You will see the signs).

Follow the Avenue all the way until the end. At the end turn left onto Rd. # 987.
Proceed for a little more than a half mile and turn left when you see construction
equipment on a field on your left. Keep going as you see the beach on your left,
following Rd. # 987 for 2 miles ( Make sure to stay to your left when the road splits
between #987, and  # 9987 witch goes up a hill) and you will enter "Las Croabas"
public park ( there are no gates). You can park in the available parking lot ( witch is free).
Bio Island, electric boat will be located in front of the boat ramp.

GPS Cordinates:
N.18 21min.789 ,W 65 37 min. 505
To Bio Bay, Fajardo   ( Launch Site- Las Croabas Park)
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For service and information please call at: 1 (787) 422-7857 ¦Fajardo, Puero Rico
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