I always have think that we are like the fishes of a beautiful aquarium. I don’t want to
experience what could happen to all of us the day that we do not take care of the water,
The crystal and for the filter “of our aquarium”…

The environment of the bio-bay is very fragile. The mangrove acts as filter and the lagoon
is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of our island.

It is our responsibility to take care of it.

In accordance with that:

  1. No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed during the trip.
  2. Mosquitoes Repellents must be used in the launch area before beginning the trip.
  3. Do not throw any kind of waste out of the boat.
  4. No swimming or enter in to the water…it is prohibited by law.

We invite you to fully enjoy this amazing experience. Ask to the captain or the guide
All your questions breathe deeply and look attentively. With pleasure we will assist
and take you to one of the greatest experience of your life.
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